In the age of digital connectivity – your POS system needs to do much more than simply take orders and payments.

Our system gives you a range of functionality to help manage all aspects of your business. Even better, your system works on the cloud – enabling you to access and manage your system on any device wherever you may be.

Omnipos software and hardware, are designed to optimise and streamline workflows, improve customer service and increase the bottom line, all whilst delivering a better experience for your clients.

Omnipos serves businesses both big and small, from local cafes to large chains and restaurants.Our systems use the most effective hardware and software accessories that make it easier to run your business.

Easy Integration with Xero

As one of the most powerful accounting platforms there is, your business could have no better tool than this. The seamless integration of Xero with your Omnipos point of sale system makes it even better, allowing you to stay on top of your business’s accounting processes through Xero Desktop integration. This means you only need a single system running while managing to perform different tasks at the same time.

Convenient Order Taking

Using a traditional restaurant POS, café POS or other system would mean being restricted in terms of movement and the kind of service you provide. With a mobile POS, you can easily make your customers comfortable and process their orders no matter where they are around your place of business. Don’t wait for customers to approach you. Allow your staff to greet them and finish transactions on the spot.

Seamless Employee Management

As part of the Omnipos commitment to let you run your business using a single system, our POS allows you to keep better track of all your employees. Make it easier to fix and keep track of schedules and payroll, and control access to the system and analyse performance through our point of sale system. Now, that’s something you can’t do with a regular cash register.

Efficient Delivery Management

Make it easier for you to deliver everything your customers need by using the Omnipos delivery management system, included right with your POS systems. Check on the status of each order, figure out who’s making the delivery run and give customers a good estimate of how long their orders will get there.

Tight Security

Nothing beats a secure system, especially if you know how important it is to keep your customers’ data as secure as possible. With a POS system built to protect all kinds of data, you can earn your customers’ trust more easily.

Till Management

Manage your finances more efficiently using the OmniPOS Point of Sale system either by automatically setting up tils or putting them into the system manually. Balance and match your numbers as you view your sales reports and perform seamless audits.

Table Layouts

Make it easier to keep track of all tables in your restaurant by creating an accurate layout of the entire place. Through table timers and order statuses visible for each table, you can keep better track of what’s going on in your business.

Mobile Device Management

Manage multiple devices using a single system no matter where you are and where each of these devices may be. Perfect for businesses with multiple locations or with different departments, you can experience being at multiple places at a single time. Easily wipe any device clean the moment it is stolen or compromised.

Reporting and Analytics

Let our POS system take the complication out of statistics. View your entire sales history, create customised sales reports, email receipts or print them out and customise your digital receipts with your logo, details and marketing tagline.

Other Features:

Here are other features that you can enjoy through the Omnipos

Point of Sale system:

  • Manage loyalty programs and gift cards
  • Process orders on tableside
  • Bump orders to the front or to the back of the cue depending on the height of priority
  • Build and display custom menus, perfect for occasional or scheduled promos like happy hour
  • Universal bar code reading
  • Mobile ordering
  • Split or Share bills
  • Table transfer and merge


Omnipos considers your growth to be our growth, which is why we want to cover your business from end to end. With a simplified Point of Sale system that does pretty much everything imaginable for your business, you can enjoy a more steady growth. This is one POS system that lets you have speedy and accurate service, allowing you to give your customers unparalleled service that will make them keep coming back for more.

Always On Mode

No matter what kind of business you’re running, it is never acceptable to have any downtime. With a Point of Sale system that’s always on, you can record transactions even if there is no internet connection, store data locally until the connection is restored, and automatically sync all your data once the system is connected once again. It doesn’t matter what kind of POS you’re using. If it’s Omnipos, it’s always business as usual regardless of the circumstances.

Detailed and Specific Inventory

From your main products, right down to the very last ingredient you use, Omnipos POS systems allow you to keep track of your inventory efficiently and seamlessly. Let your POS actively count your inventory, send you automatic alerts for low stocks, and generate purchase order to make sure you are always able to give your customers anything they need anytime.

Customer Relationship Management

Have a better idea of your customers’ needs and preferences and be able to tailor fit your products and services according to what they need through the OmniPOS system. With an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system right on your management console, you can have the kind of market data that would help you keep every single customer happy.


Order Status Tracking

Know how long your customers have been waiting and allow your staff to prioritize customers accordingly through the Omnipos system. Have a better view of how long it takes you to serve each customer, making it easier for you to plan and improve your order taking processes.

Catering Management

Use your POS to keep track of the entire pre-ordering process and have a good view of how the kitchen is handling the orders. Create customer profiles and add contact details for easier communication and for future reference.

Clock In and Clock Out

Give each employee a four-digit pin and a swipe card for better attendance tracking. Allow them to have specific permissions within the system based on their role.

Bar Tab Tracking

Allow your staff to create, manage and locate bar tabs and allow your staff to find and access each tab through the use of the customer’s name or by swiping the customer’s card.

Employee Access Control

Because you may have a number of people accessing your Point of Sale system, it’s crucial that only the right ones have access to the more sensitive actions and information stored in it. Through our POS systems, you can manage pass codes to control what employees see and manage your administrative account to control what people logged into it can do.


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In today's fast-paced environment especially in cafes and restaurants, reducing waiting time for customers is key to the best service experience. Using an Omnipos Point of Sale system, you can accept tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets, and chip cards, whether you're on the move or at your counter. Running a kiosk or a stall at the markets, take payments on the go.



For more information about iPad Point of Sale Systems, call Omnipos on

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