Omnipos has been delivering the highly successful and efficient POS systems since 1999. We started out by distributing an international POS system, a product we knew could highlight our commitment to quality and efficiency. This allowed us to build a solid foundation in the field, something that has helped us grow into the company that we are today.

After our 10th year in the industry, we decided to take the business to a whole new level and start creating our own product. This was when our Omni POS Point of Sale systems was born.

Armed with almost two decades of knowledge, the entire Omnipos team brought development in house to create even better solutions for our clients. Empowered by the same set of commitment and beliefs, we created a product that addresses the wants and needs not only of our clients, but of their customers as well. This is what made our iPad Omni POS Point of Sale systems stand out.

Today, we serve hundreds of clients not only in Australia, but on a global scale as well. The industries using Omni POS Point of Sale systems include Hospitality, Retail, Quick Service, Clubs and more. Some of the top cafes and restaurants in Sydney have been using Omni POS Point of Sale systems for years and are among our most loyal clients. This is the ultimate proof of how we deliver and follow through on our commitments. No matter how big or small each client may be, we make sure they get exactly what they need. With a power-packed product in their hands, business owners and their staff are able to serve each customer with efficiency. This results in happier customers as well, a testament of how our Point of Sale systems address needs from end to end.

Make your entire inventory system flow more seamlessly. Order stocks, receive goods and perform easy stock takes using our system.

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What makes Omni POS your choice

>Every market goes through constant change, especially in terms of their needs. New technology and trends dictate new preferences and expectations. Omni POS Point of Sale systems have kept pace with the changing times with constant updates in technology and by listening to our clients and their feedback. Our POS solutions remain efficient and effective while changing with the market.

This is what makes Omnipos different. We are not just focused on what we think is right – we focus on what our customers have to say. Based on customer feedback, our developers provide enhancements and upgrades that aim to close every gap and fine tune every detail. The result is our clients getting much more value than they expect. And this is exactly what t has helped us earn the trust of the hundreds of retail and hospitality businesses that we serve.

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we are hiring

Want to work with innovative technology to help shape the way our customers do business? If you are passionate about SaaS products and the hospitality or retail industry, we want to hear from you.

We are currently looking for Software Engineers with IOS development experience and experienced Sales Representatives in the field of POS.

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Customised Point of Sale Solutions
Internet-free options available


Small Businesses

No internet no worries, keep your cost down and keep all your data locally on the device. Omnipos have a non-cloud based solution.

Interface with existing ERP System -

including accounting package, Hotel or serviced apartments Property Management System (PMS) etc can be facilitated.

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What Omnipos can do for your business


Choose your payment option

In today's fast-paced environment especially in cafes and restaurants, reducing waiting time for customers is key to the best service experience. Using an Omnipos Point of Sale system, you can accept tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets, and chip cards, whether you're on the move or at your counter. Running a kiosk or a stall at the markets, take payments on the go.



For more information about iPad Point of Sale Systems, call Omnipos on

Call (02) 7902 0952