Parlor POS
A POS that makes your business attractive in every way


Give your salon business a makeover with OmniPOS’ Parlor POS. If you need some help with appointment scheduling and confirmation reminders, you need a tailor-made POS solution to give your business the right look. We offer an all-in-one solution that helps salons, spas and beauty parlors increase sales and make it easier to manage.

What makes the OmniPOS Parlor POS system different?

Best at Scheduling Appointments

Customers can book appointments online or have staff register appointments. Get an overview of all appointments by day or week.

Blocking Time

Helps you manage your employees time better and book appointments accordingly. Prevents appointments from being scheduled time slots when employees are unavailable.

Checkout Made Simple

Checkout made simple by accepting all types of payment. Customers can add products such as shampoos or nail polish when checking out.

Automatic Reminders

Reminders to customers enables them to remember their upcoming appointment. Send reminders hours, days or weeks beforehand via text or email.


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Customised Point of Sale Solutions
Internet-free options available


Small Businesses

No internet no worries, keep your cost down and keep all your data locally on the device. Omnipos have a non-cloud based solution.

Interface with existing ERP System -

including accounting package, Hotel or serviced apartments Property Management System (PMS) etc can be facilitated.

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What Omnipos can do for your business


Choose your payment option

In today's fast-paced environment especially in cafes and restaurants, reducing waiting time for customers is key to the best service experience. Using an Omnipos Point of Sale system, you can accept tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets, and chip cards, whether you're on the move or at your counter. Running a kiosk or a stall at the markets, take payments on the go.



For more information about iPad Point of Sale Systems, call Omnipos on

Call (02) 7902 0952